Who wastes the most time?

“75% of my life is spent wasting time. The other 25% isn’t nearly as productive.”
― Jarod KintzThis Book is Not FOR SALE

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Sat nav at its best

According to Atlassian, we check our emails 36 times an hour and it takes us 16 minutes to refocus after checking our emails.  Doing that math, that means we’re rarely focused at work.

See their illuminating infographic here: https://www.atlassian.com/time-wasting-at-work-infographic

Between this, and the more personal side, social media, googling, and other internet activity, we’re not even doing unfocused work.  Employer’s opinion is split here as to whether to harness this for work, e.g. post in Twitter about your company’s new product launch, or block everything, with many of the bigger companies taking the more traditional block it all approach, but that’s for another blog.

Then there’s all the meetings we don’t need.  One report by the Harvard Review found a team of executives wasting a combined 300,000 hours a year in status meetings, staggering.

In fact, according to SFGate, 64% said they waste time at work on a daily basis (see here), while according to Forbes, there’s a percentage of us who waste over 10 hours every day.  That’s right, 10 hours.  What else is there time for?

They found the highest contributors were Tumblr at 57% and Facebook at 52%.  We don’t quite understand how these numbers are stacking up, but it all amounts to a tremendous loss of time.

See here if you want to see the full Forbes article.

Our productivity tools can help you work smarter, like TaskMaster automatically managing your diary, or MultiPad allowing you to save text, web pages and PDF’s in a single project.

At the same time though, perhaps it would help to cut down on your posting, tweeting, IM’ing, telephoning, staring into space, email checking, blogging…