London, second best at innovation

A new report by The city initiatives for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship (CITE) has marked London as the second most innovative city in terms of how policy has opened up opportunities.  See here for the full article.

With 1.46m people employed in the digital economy (out of a population of 64m+ as of today) and 15% of companies form in the UK being digital companies, the statistics are there to back that up.

Google’s £400m acquisition of UK virtual reality startup DeepMind attests to this, and they haven’t moved it out to sunny California post acquisition either.  It’s innovations continue to be wrapped into the larger Google offering, such as search improvements.

The UK is getting better too, with over 1m technology jobs advertised in 2014, a 28% increase on the year before.

In binary terms, the digital economy is a boom.  However, critics will argue that it’s London which is seeing the best of this, rather than the whole of the UK benefiting.

The other cities by the way were:

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London’s booming tech industry

  1. New York City
  2. London
  3. Helsinki
  4. Barcelona
  5. Amsterdam

And efforts such as this one, show that innovation is about far more than just technology, and not just related to the top few cities.

We’re excited to see what the rest of 2015 brings.