Who’s smarter, you or your computer?

Every day, we do the exact same activities, in the exact same way, without thinking.  We do these activities not just once, but again and again throughout our day.  Every time we use certain tools, we go through the same routines and click on the same buttons; we follow the same paths and walk down the same roads, time and time again.  For example, we check our email, so we go to Microsoft Outlook; we open an email, read it, close it, file it and, like any hair shampoo, repeat as required.

The truth, is that much of our working day is so repetitive that a five year old could sensibly achieve something looking a little like work.  I can hear shouts of ‘my work never has two days the same!’ and from others ‘I think I fell asleep last week filling in my time sheets’.  Whichever end of the spectrum you’re at, there will be some parts of your job which will never become more interesting, never get you a salary increase and never give you more job satisfaction.

While some of us may have been sitting at the same desk for years, others seem to be on an ever upward momentum, as though crowd-surfing upward through their career on a sea of invisible cheerleaders.  What makes some people so different?

The answer is, probably, a lot.  Certainly too many aspects to be able write them all here, let alone solve them.  Circumstance, fortune, skill or luck may all play their part, or perhaps none of these is the cause.

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Even our computers get better and better with time.  The world of computing doesn’t stand still, nor does the wider world.  Even so, the role computers haven’t changed fundamentally, since their early inception, when Charles Babbage (arguably) sought to make the world’s first.

In fact, one of the greatest principles in computing (apart from Moore’s law, of course), is that computers are great at repetitive tasks.  They excel, because they don’t require any conscious thought or emotion.  Computers pursue mathematical activity relentlessly and in the most efficient, quickest manner (though Windows may not always feel that way!)

Why it is that your computer tries to achieve its work by the shortest possible route, yet so much of our day follows the same monotonous, thoughtless paths.  Why is it that some people seem to surpass others?  How often do you review a task which you’ve done for years and change the way you do it?

One answer to this is that some people, simply put, make better use of their time.  When they have something to do, they think first, how can I best achieve this, both now and in the future?  They don’t just immediately ‘do’.  They excel because they find ways to do the same things others are doing, but in less time, and with less effort, letting them concentrate on the things they need to get done in order to get promoted.

Here at Working Title Software, we’re big believers that there are many many ways to cut out those boring tasks, or at the least make them a whole lot quicker, freeing you up for the things that computers can’t do.  Simply put, our tools help you work smarter.  Our tools are designed for smarter working.  If you want to use the time freed up to play Candy Crush on Facebook, or launch the next stage of your career, well, that’s up to you.

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