Wearables Revolutionising Medicine

Productivity is often seen as finding a way to accomplish the same goals quicker. Perhaps it’s a new way of working, like MultiPad’s way of combining websites, documents and diagrams into a single project.  Other times, it’s about the smaller things, such as an extra minute spent training every morning.

For some though, productivity is about turning something they can’t do, into something they can, something as fundamental as seeing perhaps.  It’s about opening up doors.

For example, the new dyslexie font.  Stretching a letter here, tilting it there and suddenly it’s a lot easier for people with dyslexia to read, brilliant!

Dyslexie Font from Dyslexie Font on Vimeo.

Also incredible, and on the subject of needs, rather than wants, is this offering for visually impaired people, amazing!


It’s not all about the hardware on your head though, Resound offer a hearing aid which connects to your iphone so that you can configure it.  Find out more about it here.

Innovation isn’t just about technology though.  The Innovative Medicines Initiative is a European initiative with the goal of getting innovative new medicines to patients more quickly than is currently the case.  Check them out.

Makes the new smart watch or e-pay system sound a whole lot less innovative and whole lot duller.