Time for a coffee?

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It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as you get there in the end right? Wrong.

Working Title Software knows that every second counts in a high pressured environment. Whether you’re an integral part of a time sensitive project in the office, struggling towards a university deadline, or trying to juggle multiple rings in the air as part of a busy lifestyle, who couldn’t use a few extra minutes in their day?

Opening multiple files again and again, searching for particular images and documents, trawling through links for relevant information… Wouldn’t you like to shave the valuable minutes where your day is most frustrating?

Take out those annoyances, and reward yourself, using those extra minutes to finish first and beat the competition. Or use them to go grab a cheeky latte, we won’t spill your secret either way.

To help you get started, we’re offering 10 copies of each of our latest software releases, absolutely free. Choose between:

  • Working Title Linkminer: Easily sift links from any document or web page, and browse them online right alongside your document in Microsoft Word.
  • Working Title Multipad: The soon to be released version 3.  Tabbed working environment, including text, PDF, internet, and Visio, save everything as a single project.
  • Working Title Quibbon: Quick ribbon for Office and Outlook, keeping your favourites right there in your browser.

To claim your free copy, just follow us right here on the blog and let us know which one you would like, or follow on Twitter and send us a tweet @wotiso.

And don’t forget to  let us know what you end up doing with those extra minutes!