new years resolutions

Most of us consume the majority of our energy getting on with the day to day running of our lives. What strength and vestiges of time we have left over might be spent thinking about that next big thing, be that a holiday,a career change, or the latest version of Final Fantasy.

In the present, shopping, spending time with our kids, healthy cooking, and even reading productivity articles and top tips to save time might get left by the wayside, particularly at this time of year.

Slowly though, many of us are working on trying to get more out of each day. We do this unconsciously, without even knowing it.


Better opportunities all the time

Tools like Alexa, from Amazon allow us to quickly order things or change the temperature in our home without even looking at a screen. Google reports that voice based searches are increasing year over year.

Faster, better, quicker. We want this, because we want an easier life. We want more room for the things we find interesting, or intriguing. We want to occupy our time in the way we choose, rather than the way we need to just to keep the cogs of daily life turning.

Apps like Pocket Card Wallet allow us to carry those loyalty cards more easily, saving us money.

As Evernote looks to tighten up it’s privacy policies and even to add charges in new and additional ways (more than two devices, for instance), we look to apps like OneNote to save us time and money.

How do you spend your time?

According to a US government study, every day, we spend nearly nine hours working, an hour eating, and another two and a half hours on leisure and sports.

What do you wish you had more time for? Do you feel like you got the balance right in the last 12 months?

time spent according to US gov charts

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